Intuitive incident reporting app and dashboard


Capture and report on the incidents that matter the most

Logincident is a fast, easy way of recording, reporting and analysing incidents. It enables anyone with a smartphone or smart device to capture information quickly and simply during or immediately after the event.

  • Capture vital incident information at the click of a button
  • Develop a positive workplace safety and reporting culture
  • Incredibly easy to use software, relevant for all business types


Capture Health and Safety events as they occur

Capture the incident information that matters to you through a flow of features designed to be simple, intuitive, and customisable – the app enables anyone with a smart device to capture information immediately after the event.

  • Capture detailed incident information with photos, video and audio
  • Add schematics and GPS to capture the maximum amount of information in the shortest time
  • Customise the form to make it specific and relevant to your organisation
Track, Monitor, Improve with Logincident dashboard

Aside from being a legal obligation, hazard and incident management is critical in maintaining a healthy, productive & profitable business. The Logincident dashboard provides all the information at your fingertips on current status of incidents, action points and trend information.

  • Notification features ensure the right people are aware of the incident at the right time
  • View, edit and share incidents on a case by case basis or aggregate from your dashboard
  • Identify trends to provide a safer workplace for you and your employees
Are you H&S compliant?

The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 requires directors to take ultimate responsibility for the health and safety of their business.
Failure to manage health and safety risk effectively has both human and business costs. The price of failure can be the damaged lives of workers, their families and friends, as well as direct financial costs, damaged reputations and the risk of prosecution.

  • Protect your biggest asset, your employees, by making incident reporting easy to do.
  • Ensure directors have a reliable process in place for managing H&S.
  • Avoid manual processing of paperwork, by having a 100% online software that records every detail.


  • Multiple Incident Types

    Define incident types important to your organisation.

  • Fully configurable

    Create configurable incident forms to match your specific incident types.

  • Add photos, video and audio

    Add important detail to your event with video, audio and photos.

  • GPS functionality

    Improve accuracy of location information.

  • Automated communication

    Notify relevant stakeholders when incidents are recorded.

  • Dashboards

    Incident information is submitted instantly to the dashboard.

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