People Inc

A comprehensive HR system that delivers both flexibility and value for money !


Flexible, fully customizable HR software

People Inc. is a flexible and comprehensive HR software suitable for any business!

  • Covering every aspect of employee management from registering vacancies, training, performance management, salary changes, equipment issued, workplace accidents….right through to exit interviews
  • It can be fully customized by you!
  • Ideal for training management, with easy reporting on Training Needs and Training History
  • Perfect for SMEs who do not require all employees to have access to the HR system
Flexible, fully customizable HR software


Centralised Employee Database

All information in one place. People Inc. consolidates all of your employee information into one single place, one source of truth. The standard configuration of People Inc. HR Software provides screens and functionality to manage the following:

  • Basic employee details (name address, key dates, visa, IRD details etc.)
  • Performance Management
  • Salary history
  • Training history & Training needs
  • Vacancy management
  • Job details, (contract type, probation period etc)
  • Equipment/assets issued
  • Discipline and grievance
  • Emergency contact details
  • Employee related accidents
Fully customizable by you!

People Inc. evolves as your needs change allowing you to adapt the content and layout of screens and add new ones.

  • Screen Designer is included which allows you to make changes to the software itself
  • You can configure your own custom-designed system without needing the help of expensive software programmers
  • Modify screens to reflect your unique internall processes
  • Create custom workflows
Easy Reporting

Accurate, up to date information at your fingertips in seconds!

  • Use an existing template or use the Report Writer to create your very own reports
  • Included are libraries of pre-defined 'most commonly asked for' reports
  • All reports can be printed or generated as a PDF file, MS Excel, MS Word or HTML.
  • Create report templates covering key metrics for stakeholders and simply save as a template for future use


  • Ideal for Training Management

    Need to know who needs training and which training courses need renewing? People Inc. makes this a breeze with the ability to record every training course an employee has received, when it’s due for renewal and all costs involved

  • Complete document library

    All documentation about employees can be saved directly into People Inc. in any format, making retrieving important documentation quick and easy! This could include contracts, agreements, letters, certificates or emails.

  • Automated Reminders

    People Inc. has automatic reminders for any task that has an expiry date. These reminders appear in the Action List in People Inc. (effectively your “to-do” list) and easily let you know key dates coming up

  • Additional Functionality through Recruitment Portal Add-on module:

    Create vacancies within People Inc. and track their application through the interview process. Once you have found your star applicant, use the wizard feature to convert the applicant into a new employee!

  • Additional Functionality through Employee Self-Service (ESS) Add-on module:

    A configurable web-based tool that enables employees and managers to securely access information themselves - to view and update their details, apply for leave, submit expense claims and time sheets and view upcoming training

  • Unique Integration with several Payroll providers

    Save time, money and sanity by only having to enter employee information once, and having the payroll related information automatically update into Payroll each pay cycle.
    This is a lifesaver!

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