Questionmark Assessment Software

Create, Deliver and Analyze Tests, Exams, Quizzes and Surveys


Did they learn it? Can they do it? Can we prove it?

Questionmark software is used to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes securely and achieve successful learning outcomes. It includes the ability to create online tests, surveys and exams, deliver securely to any device and analyse the results

  • Author questions and organize them into tests, exams, quizzes or surveys
  • Deliver via secure browser, mobile devices or paper
  • Analyze and distribute meaningful reports on results to stakeholders
  • Integrates with your existing LMS


Comprehensive Item Authoring

Questionmark’s authoring environment provides secure, collaborative environment with intuitive, browser-based interfaces for creating and managing items. Authors can:

  • Choose from 20+ different item types (i.e. MCQ, hotspot, drag-and-drop, ranking, matching, Likert scale)
  • Include stimulus such as images, audio and video
  • Define and apply metatags to items
  • Track changes to items and rollback to previous versions
  • Define sophisticated scoring algorithms
  • Classify, categorize and structure item storage for enhanced automation and scalability
  • Insert mathematical formulas using built-in editor
  • Review and try out questions
Blended Delivery

Questionmark's responsive design capabilities make it possible to author an assessment once and deliver it across multiple devices

  • Deliver to multiple devices - PCs, Macs, tablets, and smart phones
  • Multilingual participant interfaces
  • Observational Assessments for on-the-job evaluation
  • Deliver with Questionmark Secure - a locked down browser to minimise risk of cheating
  • Questionmark Online Proctoring for secure, convenient exams completely remotely
  • Printing and Scanning option for paper based answer sheets
  • Compatible with all the latest browser types Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari
Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Questionmark Reporting & Analytics provide the tools and reporting capabilities you need to uncover the meaning hidden within your assessment results – and to share this data in a meaningful way with stakeholders. Find answers to questions such as:

  • What did participants learn from the training or course?
  • What did participants think of the learning experience?
  • How do I coach test takers to improve performance?
  • Are my questions valid?
  • How did one group of test takers compare to another?
  • Are my questions reliable and defensible?


  • Multiple Assessment Types

    Knowledge, skills and abilities can be assessed with a wide range of assessments - Exams, Tests, Quizzes, Placement Tests, Practice exams, Observational Assessments, Certification & Licensing exams

  • A scalable, flexible SaaS solution

    Questionmark OnDemand provides you with all the functionality - and end user support - without worrying about hardware, upgrades or maintenance expenses

  • Minimise risk of Cheating

    Questionmark Secure helps protect valuable exam content and reduce the risk of cheating by providing a broad range of secure delivery options

  • Online Proctoring

    Online Proctoring is also available whereby candidates have the convenience of online exam delivery in their home or workplace

  • Observational Assesments

    Questionmark makes it easy to deliver observational and workplace assessments in which an “observer” logs in and assesses participants on how they performs specific tasks.

  • Printing and Scanning

    Questionmark’s printing and scanning solution enables you to author assessments that your participants can take online AND on paper (bubble sheets).

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Introduction to Questionmark


Learn the basics of authoring, delivering and reporting on surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. This introductory web seminar explains and demonstrates key Questionmark features and functions.

Assessments through the Learning Process


This video explains how assessments are used to determine training needs, create training, prepare for a training event, reinforce training, assess knowledge transfer, and slow the forgetting curve after training

Secure Assessment Systems from Questionmark


How secure is your exam content and results? How secure are the personal data stored in your assessment systems?

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