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BambooHR lets you focus on people - not processes

BambooHR collects and organizes all the information you gather throughout the employee life cycle, then helps you control, sort, analyse, and take action on the data instantly.

  • Automate your operational day-to-day HR tasks
  • Streamline your processes and simplify your procedures
  • Real-time HRIS software
  • Quickly and securely organize your data in one easy-to-use system
  • Easy to setup – even easier to use


Designed for small to medium businesses

BambooHR is an affordable way for growing companies to manage essential employee information and gives you knowledge and time to work with your people, so you can build the kind of environment that sets everyone free to be better at what they do.

  • Streamline your processes and simplify your procedures
  • With no locked in contracts and adjustable pricing, you only pay for your active employees
  • Customisable to fit your business needs
  • Improve communication, employee engagement and company culture
Easy to setup - even easier to use!

We know implementing a new software can be challenging – especially something that changes the way people work. Transitioning to BambooHR software is easy. Using it is even easier.

Whether you're switching from spreadsheets or another software, we can have you set up in no time!

  • Centralised employee records with minimal configuration needed
  • Local one-on-one implementation
  • We will import your data for you
  • Customiseable fields and access levels
Your local partner

Business Toolbox are an authorised BambooHR partner. We have customised BambooHR specifically to meet the needs of New Zealand and Australian businesses.

We work closely with local payroll providers to provide integration options and provide local helpdesk support, training and system customisations.

  • Local expertise and HR specialists
  • Personalised implementation plan
  • Local helpdesk support in your time zone
  • 22+ years’ experience providing HR software and services


  • Electronic Signatures

    Quit chasing paperwork from your employees. eSignatures make compliance easier, improve experiences like onboarding and eliminate paper waste for a greener planet.

  • Custom Approval Workflows

    Remove the bottleneck and streamline decision making. Automate approval processes and delegate responsibility so the company can move forward faster.

  • Time Off Management

    Save valuable time with time-off requests and approvals. Create your own categories of time off, set accrual policies, track time off balances and generate reports.

  • Performance Management

    Designed to give you faster, more frequent, more relevant, and more honest results. Includes goal tracking, peer feedback, self and manager assessments.

  • Employee Satisfaction

    Employee satisfaction is a barometer for your organization’s overall health. BambooHR gives you the power to measure it with Employee Net Promoter (eNPS) scoring.

  • Reporting & Analytics

    Generate instant, detailed HR reports to help showcase the value HR brings to your organization. Including turnover, FTE, headcount, org chart and missing data.

  • Email Alerts

    Be proactive by setting reminders for onboarding, applicant tracking, performance reviews, company announcements, birthday celebrations and more.

  • Hiring & Onboarding

    Track candidates from application to onboarding and only enter data once. Get ahead of the game by handling necessary documentation and tasks before their first day.

  • Training Tracking

    Monitor employee training, to ensure compliance and improve employee development. Set reminders for overdue and upcoming training so nothing falls through the cracks.

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All-in-one HR Software Overview


Overview of BambooHR including Hiring & Onboarding, eSignatures, Reporting & Analytics, Employee Satisfaction, Performance Management and Time Off.

What BambooHR can do for you


People sometimes ask us, “HR software? What the heck is that?” To put everyone’s mind at ease, here’s a quick video explaining how we set people free to do great work.

BambooHR Customer Reviews


BambooHR customers offer their reviews and share their experiences using BambooHR's HRIS and how it has evolved the HR function of their businesses.

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