BambooHR is the #1 rated cloud based HR software!


BambooHR is the number one online HR software for small to medium businesses.

Business Toolbox is the Authorized BambooHR Partner in New Zealand and have a customized version of BambooHR specifically for the NZ market and NZ payroll.

  • No more painful spreadsheets - all information held in one place and accessible by all
  • 100% cloud based - access HR information from wherever you are, anytime
  • Customizeable to suit your needs
  • Supported locally by our experienced helpdesk team


Employee Self-service

Automate the operational and set yourself free!

Rather than endless inquiries to the HR team, employees can log in to BambooHR and find their leave balance, request leave, announcements as well as company documents and policies

  • Time off tracking - save valuable time with automated time off requests and approvals
  • Who's out calendar - view who will be out of the office with ease, you can even sync with your outlook calendar
  • Email - be proactive by setting up reminders for due dates and renewals, with email reminders sent directly to employees
  • Onboarding - BambooHR’s employee self-onboarding software can help you complete paperwork before the new hire’s start date, including welcome emails and team introductions
Performance Management

Is your current Performance Management a dreaded, time consuming process?

BambooHR provides an easy and motivating solution that focuses on shorter cycle-times, objectivity and clear results. It includes goal management, self-assessments and manager assessments, with reinvented reporting to plot employee engagement.

  • Increased frequency - Frequent feedback is easier for employees to incorporate and managers to remember
  • Automated Reminders - set your review frequency and have automated reminders sent to employees
  • 360 Feedback - Instead of peers and managers providing their personal opinion on the person through 360 feedback, they are asked objective questions for meaningful insights
  • Reinvented Reporting - Performance is automatically mapped against Engagement to to pinpoint employees needing more development and fulfillment at work
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

BambooHR's applicant tracking is a simple way to reach more qualified candidates and track, share, and evaluate their applicant information. Plus, the ATS module works hand in hand with BambooHR, so no duplication of data!

  • Decrease Hiring time - BambooHR ATS makes your hiring process more efficient, therefore you can snap up the best applicants
  • Email templates - set up multiple (and customizable) email templates to send to applicants, individually or in bulk
  • Modern recruiting - the majority (72%) of Millennials look for jobs on their phones - the best applicant tracking systems helps you speak their language regardless of their location
  • Collaborative Hiring - Collaborators can leave comments, rate candidates, and change applicant statuses—all within the ATS. Permissions let you control what collaborators can view, keeping sensitive information (like desired salary) confidential


  • Centralised employee records

    BambooHR pulls everything—like job and salary history, benefits, training, and even documents—into one centralized location. You will know (not hope) that your data is up to date, complete, accurate and organised

  • Custom Workflows

    Create custom workflows to streamline decision-making processes and protect the integrity of your data. Remove bottlenecks by making approvals easy to manage and even easier to execute, paving the way for your company to grow faster

  • Electronic Signatures

    Remove the hassle of collecting signed paperwork. Targeted specifically for HR, Electronic Signatures streamline processes, making experiences like onboarding more enjoyable while also keeping documents organized and easy to access

  • App for iPhone / Android

    Human resources shouldn't be tied to a desk. Bamboo HR is completely cloud based and has a FREE HR mobile app for iPhone and Android makes BambooHR accessible from anywhere, any time

  • Reports anytime, anyway you want them

    You will love how our software lets you filter, group and sort just about every piece of data in BambooHR. You can build custom reports and use our library of more than 1000 common reports

  • Easy onboarding

    Spend your new employees' first days on training and getting them productive faster. BambooHR's employee self-onboarding software helps you complete necessary paperwork well before the new hire's start date

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in 1 min!


Tired of tracking applicants in clunky spreadsheets?
Try BambooHR's new ATS (applicant tracking system), post to job sites, automate the process and decrease your hiring time.

Employee Self-service: Hints & Tips:


HR software is the best way an HR department can become more efficient. Employee self-service is just one feature that can save HR professionals tons of time and headache. HR software makes you wonder how you ever settled for using spreadsheets.

Self On-boarding: Hints & Tips


BambooHR helps you avoid excessive paperwork and endless meetings on your first day of work with our Employee Self On-Boarding feature. This allows the employee to take control and take care of some time consuming tasks on their own time, even before they show up for the first day.

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