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pexels-fauxels-3184418-1-1Business Toolbox has a history of partnering with award-winning HR and Learning systems from around the world, ensuring customers take on world-class software with the bonus of receiving training, implementation and support from local experts in New Zealand and Australia.

Award Winning




Ranked one of Delloite's 2016 Technology Fast 500 providing world-class software. 

Customer Success Story


Find out how Mercy Hospice faced challenges going from manual processes and a heavy reliance on the HR team to update and maintain employee information to digitalising and automating processes and workflows




BambooHR is your one-stop-shop for employee information, empowering HR professionals to focus on what matters most - People!

Culture Amp - Product Header

Culture AMP

Use scientifically backed employee-centric tools to strategically improve company culture and achieve excellent employee experience!

TLMS - Product Header


Your learning management system designed to be highly customisable utilising all types of training materials, easy to manage and use.

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Conduct automatic pre-employment checks such as visa, police vetting, working with children, etc. during your recruitment process.

Engagedly - Product Header


A comprehensive Talent Management platform for performance, learning & development, employee engagement, recognition and rewards.

Our Services

The Business Toolbox team have trained, implemented and currently supports over 500 HR systems and counting across small to large businesses across New Zealand and Australia! We also provide integration services to ensure your systems work seamlessly with one another.

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Time to say goodbye to spreadsheets...

If you're weary of the constant cycle of checking, rechecking, and...

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We love talking to people wanting to improve their HR systems and processes. Fill in the form and we'll organise a time to discuss how we can help you further.



Reference and Background checks just got a whole lot easier!


The future of reference Checking!

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Checkmate makes reference and background checking quick and easy. This online tool allows candidates to easily provide references and at the same time allow HR and Recruitment teams to conduct their pre-employment screening.

  • Select from a library of pre-employment checks required.
  • List of pre-built reference questionnaires for MoJ, ACC, NZTA, Immigration Visa Checks, etc.
  • With a mobile optimised platform, your candidates will be able provide their details on any device!
Checkmate 1

Checkmate Awards


Reference Checks Easily request for reference checks with a unique and dynamic questionnaire.  
Anti-Money Laundering Critical in the financial services and banking sector.  
Reporting & Monitoring Manage your reference checks and renewals all from your dashboard with expiry alerts and statuses.  
Online Identity Verification Online identity verification and digital signing - upload ID directly from your phone.  
International Criminal Checks Over 190 countries and territories covered.  
Global Qualification Verification Over 44,000 Universities & Tertiary Training Organizations.  
Employment Verification Verify a candidate's previous employment records.  
Working with Children Checks Ensure the safety of those in your care.  
Pre-Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing Keep everybody safe at your workplace  

Seamlessly request for referee and background checks

  • Take away the hassle of your pre-employments checks - get them done digitally and automatically! Criminal checks, MoJ, AML, Working with Children, Driver's licenses checks.
  • Make it easy for candidates and referees to complete the reference checking process in a consistent way.
  • Integrate critical pre-employment checks and references with BambooHR, saving an incredible amount of time.

Checkmate image

What our Clients are saying...


“BambooHR is a fun product and we managed to get the very best out of the system. We've already given recommendations and comments to other organisations who are interested in BambooHR as a tool!" 

- Cordy Black



Mercy Hospice

“We would very likely recommend BambooHR to other organisations because of the ease of use for all levels of the organisation and its affordability!"

- Cheryl Kenwright



TQ Solutions

“BambooHR provides and easy to use, customisable solution for our business needs. Business Toolbox who managed the implementation were excellent in their approach to getting us up and running. We had a direct line with them and this was invaluable as we could stick to our implementation deadlines!"

- Ana Adams



Frequency NZ

“I highly recommend BambooHR and Business Toolbox. They have been an outstanding resource and always made themselves available when needed. Thank you, team! We love our new HR system!"

- Amanda Mirams


Jade Software

“We would very much recommend BambooHR because it's easy to use, adaptable and cost effective. Lots of things you can do and the system keeps growing and improving!"

- Mike Petterson



Don't leave successful implementation to chance

A successful implementation is the make or break of a new system. It doesn't matter how good it is - if not set up and implemented well it is doomed. That's where we come in as your local support partner, 26+ years of experience, >800 successful deployments and a team that can guarantee success. 


We will import all your data for you and configure your account.


Comprehensive training usually done onsite with your team.


We will help you set up your account to guarantee successful implementation.

Helpdesk support

Local support with real people! Phone, email, in-person - whatever you need.

Checkmate 2

Connecting your favourite tools to Checkmate

Bring together your favourite tools and apps to Checkmate for an elevated candidate experience.

We provide a network of products using API integrations, which means data will seamlessly flow between systems.

Integrate your Applicant Tracking Systems such as Team Tailor or JobAdder to seamlessly request referee checks and background checks. This also integrates with HR systems such as BambooHR to avoid double handling of information from recruitment to onboarding.

See below for two of the most popular integrations with Checkmate!

Our clients

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Initiate pre-employment screening from within your BambooHR account and have the completed status automatically trigger back into your account so you can proceed to hire.





Integrate seamlessly from JobAdder to Checkmate, enabling candidates to nominate their referees and have the questions automatically sent to the listed references. Track progress and completions of reference checking and pre-recruitment screening.



Frequently Asked Questions about Checkmate

Is Checkmate set up specifically for New Zealand and Australia?

Yes! Checkmate originally started in New Zealand and has all the checks specifically required in both NZ and Australia. For example, MoJ check, Working with Children, Professional memberships etc.

Does Checkmate have AI capability?

Yes it does! Start by uploading your job description and Checkmate will craft a custom employee reference check tailored to the role's specific needs.

What is the difference between buying direct from Checkmate versus Business Toolbox? As an official Reseller Partner of Checkmate, we provide all services for Checkmate in New Zealand and Australia. This includes the system itself, proposal in local currency, as well as local training, implementation, billing, and world-class support.
How secure is Checkmate?

Checkmate takes appropriate technical and organisational measure to ensure that information is kept secured. Your information is stored in secure servers and uses SSL technology to transfer datat to or from these servers.

- ISO Certified

- RCSA Preferred Partner

- GDPR Compliant


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