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Why Choose Us?

pexels-fauxels-3184418-1-1Business Toolbox has a history of partnering with award-winning HR and Learning systems from around the world, ensuring customers take on world-class software with the bonus of receiving training, implementation and support from local experts in New Zealand and Australia.

Award Winning




Ranked one of Delloite's 2016 Technology Fast 500 providing world-class software. 

Customer Success Story


Find out how Mercy Hospice faced challenges going from manual processes and a heavy reliance on the HR team to update and maintain employee information to digitalising and automating processes and workflows




BambooHR is your one-stop-shop for employee information, empowering HR professionals to focus on what matters most - People!

Culture Amp - Product Header

Culture AMP

Use scientifically backed employee-centric tools to strategically improve company culture and achieve excellent employee experience!

TLMS - Product Header


Your learning management system designed to be highly customisable utilising all types of training materials, easy to manage and use.

Checkmate - Product Header


Conduct automatic pre-employment checks such as visa, police vetting, working with children, etc. during your recruitment process.

Engagedly - Product Header


A comprehensive Talent Management platform for performance, learning & development, employee engagement, recognition and rewards.

Our Services

The Business Toolbox team have trained, implemented and currently supports over 500 HR systems and counting across small to large businesses across New Zealand and Australia! We also provide integration services to ensure your systems work seamlessly with one another.

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We love talking to people wanting to improve their HR systems and processes. Fill in the form and we'll organise a time to discuss how we can help you further.



Leading HRIS for small to medium businesses… with local support and billing.


BambooHR lets you focus on people - not process


BambooHR is your one-stop-shop for employee information. No more siloed systems with separate sources of data that lead to long and manual processes. This empowers HR professionals to control, sort, analyse and take action on the data instantly.

  • Single source of truth for all employee information and documents
  • Automate and streamline day-to-day HR tasks and approval processes
  • Real-time insight reports so you can take action on data instantly
  • Integrate with other world-class systems including Payroll.
  • Easy to setup - even easier to use.

BambooHR Awards


Electronic Signatures Quit chasing paperwork from your employees. eSignatures make compliance easier, improve experiences like onboarding and eliminate paper waste for a greener planet.  
Custom Approval Workflows Remove the bottleneck and streamline decision making. Automate approval processes and delegate responsibility so the company can move forward faster.  
Time Off Management Save valuable time with time-off requests and approvals. Create your own categories of time off, set accrual policies, track time off balances and generate reports.  
Performance Management Designed to give you faster, more frequent, more relevant, and more honest results. Includes goal tracking, peer feedback, self and manager assessments.  
Employee Satisfaction Employee satisfaction is a barometer for your organization’s overall health. BambooHR gives you the power to measure it with Employee Net Promoter (eNPS) scoring.  
Reporting & Analytics Generate instant, detailed HR reports to help showcase the value HR brings to your organization. Including turnover, FTE, headcount, org chart and missing data.  
Email Alerts Be proactive by setting reminders for onboarding, applicant tracking, performance reviews, company announcements, birthday celebrations and more.  
Hiring & Onboarding Track candidates from application to onboarding and only enter data once. Get ahead of the game by handling necessary documentation and tasks before their first day.  
Training Tracking Monitor employee training, to ensure compliance and improve employee development. Set reminders for overdue and upcoming training so nothing falls through the cracks.  

Designed for small to medium businesses

BambooHR is an affordable way for growing companies to manage essential employee information and gives you knowledge and time to work with your people, so you can build the kind of environment that sets everyone free to be better at what they do.

  • Streamline your processes and simplify your procedures
  • With no locked in contracts and adjustable pricing, you only pay for your active employees
  • Customisable to fit your business needs
  • Improve communication, employee engagement and company culture

What our Clients are saying...


“BambooHR is a fun product and we managed to get the very best out of the system. We've already given recommendations and comments to other organisations who are interested in BambooHR as a tool!" 

- Cordy Black



Mercy Hospice

“We would very likely recommend BambooHR to other organisations because of the ease of use for all levels of the organisation and its affordability!"

- Cheryl Kenwright



TQ Solutions

“BambooHR provides and easy to use, customisable solution for our business needs. Business Toolbox who managed the implementation were excellent in their approach to getting us up and running. We had a direct line with them and this was invaluable as we could stick to our implementation deadlines!"

- Ana Adams



Frequency NZ

“I highly recommend BambooHR and Business Toolbox. They have been an outstanding resource and always made themselves available when needed. Thank you, team! We love our new HR system!"

- Amanda Mirams


Jade Software

“We would very much recommend BambooHR because it's easy to use, adaptable and cost effective. Lots of things you can do and the system keeps growing and improving!"

- Mike Petterson



Don't leave successful implementation to chance

A successful implementation is the make or break of a new system. It doesn't matter how good it is - if not set up and implemented well it is doomed. That's where we come in as your local support partner, 26+ years of experience, >800 successful deployments and a team that can guarantee success. 


We will import all your data for you and configure your account.


Comprehensive training usually done onsite with your team.


We will help you set up your account to guarantee successful implementation.

Helpdesk support

Local support with real people! Phone, email, in-person - whatever you need.

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Best in class systems - one data source

Why spend hours managing separate systems and manually updating data when you can have one integrated system?

We provide a network of products with api integrations, meaning data will seamlessly flow between systems. We have integrations with several payroll systems including Datacom, iPayroll, Crystal Payroll and IMS Payroll. Not to mention Learning Management Systems like TalentLMS and Performance and Engagement Systems such as CultureAmp and Engagedly. Need an integrated ATS with BambooHR? We have got you covered with integrations between BambooHR and QJumpers, Workable, TeamTailor and SmartRecruiters.

See below for the two payroll integrations we have built and support locally!



BambooHR - iPayroll

Business Toolbox has built a leading edge integration with iPayroll, passing new hire details, employee updates and leave requests from BambooHR to iPayroll as well as leave balances and payslips back into BambooHR. One system for employees and one source of truth.





Our two-way integration between BambooHR and Datacom passes new hire details and employee update from BambooHR to Datapay and if you want we can also include leave requests/balances and payslips in the integration also.



Frequently Asked Questions about BambooHR

Is BambooHR set up specifically for New Zealand and Australia? Yes! BambooHR works brilliantly in New Zealand and Australia, capturing all relevant data such as Kiwisaver, IRD, TFN, Super etc. It is highly customisable so it can be tailored to your specific needs also.  We will take care of all the set-up for you, as well as providing local training, implementation, support and billing.
Does BambooHR have payroll in New Zealand and Australia?

The payroll you choose should be specific to your requirements, rather than a forced selection. We have built fantastic integrations with leading payroll systems in both countries so you can get the best of both worlds without compromise. Our payroll integrations are two-way, updating employee information automatically as well as pulling back leave balances and payslips from the payroll system. Integrations include DataPay/EasiPay, iPayroll, Crystal Payroll, MYOB IMS Payroll, Xero Payroll and ADP.

How secure is BambooHR?

BambooHR uses a zero trust model to keep your employee data locked down at every possible level. They take multiple measures to ensure your data stays safe and secure. Here are some measures taken to prevent data leaks and unauthorised data access:

  • Defense in Depth multi-level data security
  • Frequent vulnerability scans
  • Web application firewall
  • Annual third-party SOC II security audit
  • SAML Support
  • Annual penetration test
  • Native Multi-Factor Authentication available to all BambooHR customers
What is the difference between buying direct from BambooHR versus Business Toolbox? As an official Reseller Partner in New Zealand and Australia, we provide all services for BambooHR locally. That includes a demo tailored to the market and legislation here, trial sites, proposal in local currency as well as local implementation (often onsite), local helpdesk support and local billing. The cost remains the same - but you are getting a whole lot more!
Does BambooHR have Performance Management capabilities?

Yes! BambooHR has a Performance Management add-on feature that includes goal tracking, peer feedback and assessments for both the employee and their manager. Having a dynamic performance process in the one platform that can be configured to your requirements and your timing, eliminates the challenges typical in traditional performance models.

Does BambooHR have a mobile app for employees? Yes! There is a free mobile app for IOS and Android users. Whether you want to look up a coworker’s phone number, request annual leave or sick leave, sign a document or access a policy document - the app provides easy access to essential BambooHR functions at all times.

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